IAMD--- Inventors Association of 
               Metropolitan Detroit
Lawrence Technological University-
21000 W. Ten Mile Rd. 
Southfield, MI  48075
248 204-2994       
About Inventors' Association of Metropolitan Detroit
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Membership information:
Membership fee = $30 annually
Guests fee = $5 per meeting 
(Your first meeting is free)

Gold Seal Certified members of the UIA. We have pledged to uphold the highest standards of the nonprofit world in service to inventors

Who we are: 
The Inventors Association is a not-for-profit association, established to educate inventors of all levels to navigate through the inventing process. In addition to being an important resource center, IAMD serves as a support group for inventors, who can exchange information, experiences and other advice on how to successfully complete a project.

What we do:
Help inventors learn how to take their products to market while avoiding some of the costly pitfalls of going it alone, or getting help from the wrong resources.

Where we meet: 
Lawrence Technological University, located at 21000 W. Ten Mile Rd. in Southfield, MI 48075. Go to our meetings page for more information. 

Why we meet:
The meetings are for the benefit of inventors and want to be inventors, looking for information on how to bring their product(s) to market (and whether or not they should).

When we meet:
The third Thursday of the month.

Inventors Association of Metropolitan Detroit - board members

Mary Kordyban - mkordyban@detroitpubliclibrary.org - President

Catherine Phillips - cphillips@ltu.edu or 248 204-2994 - Director

Ken Johnson- kenjohn1@att.net - Director

Jerome Feig - jerry@minoxy.com - Treasurer elect

Joe Shields - iamjosephshields@gmail.com - Director

Rich Glitz - Director

IAMD Statement

IAMD does not encourage or allow private companies to solicit our members. It is more important that our members and guests feel safe in the company of like-minded people. IAMD does not evaluate or endorse invention promotion companies, contests, or other for-profit companies targeting the inventor as a segmental market. Notices and programs outside the club are provided for information purposes only. We encourage members to be skeptical and to use common sense when disclosing any idea to anyone. IAMD is a nonprofit organization registered with the State of Michigan.  

Nondisclosure Agreement – signed every meeting

Each of the undersigned agrees with each of the other persons signing this document (and ones similarly prepared with the same date and location thereon) to hold confidential any and all invention discussion, innovation discussion, or workshop activity that is held during today’s meeting, and agrees not to disclose such information without the written consent of the originators. By signing this document, each of the undersigned understands that they place themselves in a position of trust with regard to anyone else’s rights to intellectual property and thereby assumes a duty regarding those property rights not to usurp them. Each undersigned acknowledges the uniqueness and value of relationships with other persons attending this meeting to be valuable consideration exchanged for the above confidentiality.

If you seek to consult with an Invention Promotion Firm, please proceed with caution and see our "Meetings" page for an article on what to look for.